Financial Crime

The traditional role of Revenue as the primary State watchdog over suspect financial transactions has been revolutionised since the events in the mid-1990’s, which culminated in the creation of the Criminal Assets Bureau.  Not only have Revenue themselves geared up for a greatly enhanced role as investigator/prosecutor, but CAB has expanded enormously.  In addition, the conventional units of both Customs and Excise and An Garda Siochana are now using their powers of seizure and confiscation under the Criminal Justice Act 1994 to an extent hitherto unseen in Ireland.

Sheehan & Partners LLP have been retained on numerous occasions to advise and represent persons who have come to the attention of any of these State agencies, and have been involved in many of the leading cases which have attempted to curtail the intrusiveness of the laws in question.

Whether it is a CAB Proceeds of Crime Application in the High Court, an investigation or prosecution for allegedly unpaid taxes, or an application to forfeit or detain a sum of money seized, we have extensive experience with clients who have had to deal with these problems.  We have also frequently advised members of the legal and accountancy professions on their own position in relation to clients for whom they have unwittingly conducted transactions that have come under scrutiny.

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