Judicial Review / Civil Proceedings

The need for legal advice in these areas can arise in a number of different ways.  Any citizen who has a grievance against the State is entitled to specialist legal advice about how best to vindicate their entitlements.

Over the last 15 years, many persons have been accused of sexual offences often dating back over 40 years. Sheehan & Partners LLPs have brought many of the leading cases by way of Judicial Review to prevent or prohibit these prosecutions from continuing because of the difficulty in mounting a proper defence due to the delay and passage of time.

Judicial Review and other legal mechanisms are available as potential remedies in any criminal proceedings where individuals feel they have been unfairly treated by the prosecuting authorities, or, on occasions, by the Courts themselves.  The firm has a long history of bringing such cases on behalf of aggrieved clients.

On the other hand, citizens may have experienced treatment at the hands of the Gardai or other State agencies, which gives rise to an entitlement to an action for damages in the Courts. The firm has brought numerous such cases, and is available to consult about the prospect for such an action by appointment.

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